Affected services:

  • EvaluationKIT

EvalKit Site Down

Opened on Tuesday 25th August 2020, last updated

Resolved — From EvaluationKIT Support: The recent outage has been fully resolved so you and your users will be able to access the system as expected. We sincerely appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this.

What Happened
As you may be aware, beginning in the early afternoon of Monday, August 24, EvaluationKIT experienced unusually significant traffic. Our Engineering teams determined that this disruption was due to a third-party hosting provider that was limiting the number of connections. As a result, the application became intermittently inaccessible for some users. Rest assured that this short-term capacity issue has not impacted security or data.

Current Status
At this time, we have implemented a firewall upgrade through our third- party hosting provider to resolve any further service disruptions. We’ve completed thorough testing and will continue to closely monitor the system for any further slowness. We will notify you of any changes to this status.

Next Steps and Our Commitment To You
Please be assured that this event is a rarity, and that we remain fully committed to keeping you more informed of system issues. In the coming months, we plan to move our EvaluationKIT servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing platform, which will enable us to deliver improved availability, better system performance, and greater scalability. This transition will be scheduled during a time that does not further disrupt Fall 2020 course evaluation and survey periods, and we will provide additional details leading up to this transition.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your users.

Posted by Cayce Will

Monitoring — EvaluationKIT services are still suffering reduced connectivity. The vendor is aware and actively working on restoring service. Concord IT will continue to monitor the situation.

Posted by Cayce Will

Monitoring — Setting service status to operational

Posted by Cayce Will

Monitoring — EvaluationKIT services have been restored. We will close this ticket end of business 2020/08/26.

Posted by Cayce Will

Investigating — We are currently aware of an issue with EvalKit that has caused the site to go down. We are currently looking into the issue and will provide additional information as we have it.

Posted by Rick Browning